When do you transfer embryos?


This may be a silly question but any insight will be appreciated. How many days after your period do you actually do a FET. I am a nurse and we have to fill our schedules out weeks in advance. I am trying to set my schedule around when I think the transfer will take place. I know My RE will tell me when we meet with him, buy that is not until the end of the month. I am assuming that the transfer takes place between day 16-20.

Any insight will help. Thanks!


Sounds like you are talking about an unmedicated protocol. If that’s the case, your guess sounds about right, but I’ve only done a medicated FET.

For my medicated FET, I started Lupron with the start of my cycle, and then the RE used the Lupron to control my cycle as far as when the transfer would be. I had a protocol of estrogen, lupron, and PIO. My transfer ended up being about 5 weeks after I started my period. With a medicated cycle they basically can transfer whenever you want as they control your hormone levels through shots and pills.

Good luck!


Yes they have told me it is based on my period so I guess its more of a natural cycle. I know it is not completely unmedicated but I do not take any shots. I am supposed to call them with day one of my cycle and that day I will start taking estrace. I think around the time of the transfer I will start to taking crinone or something for progesterone and maybe an antibiotic.
I was assuming since it was going with my period that the RE would put them back around the time the embryos would implant naturally.

Thanks for the help


If you are taking estrace and crinone that sounds like a medicated cycle. Each clinic seems to do things a bit differently, for mine they put you on BCPs for a while before an FET cycle but no Lupron. I can tell you that from the time I started estrogen (delestrogen shots in my case, but estrace is pretty much the same thing, just in a pill instead of a shot) it was 16 days until the actual transfer. GL to you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like we are doing similar cycles with different meds. That really helps to be able to fill out my schedule at work. Now hopefully :af: cooperates too. I see that you got a :bfp: . GL on your beta!!


Ive always done medicated FETs. What normally happens with me is I start my period, then on CD3 I start BCPs. I am on those for about 5-7 days, then stop them. On the 2nd day of bleeding (so about 4-5 days after stopping) I start my Vivelle patches and im on those for 2 weeks, on the 15th day after starting the patches I start my PIO and then have my transfer 5 days later. Ive done 3 FETs and 2 of my FETs have been that exact timetable. My other FET I was on the Vivelle patches and on day 12 I started my PIO, transfer 5 days later.