When should I be concerned?


I’ve done two rounds of treatment so far. I typically have longer cycles without the clomid (33-36 days roughly) I took my first round of Clomid at the end of November and my second round of clomid at the end of January. After our IUI failed in January we decided to take a break for my DH reapeat SA. Well although stil low they came up dramatically so we are planning on going forward with another IUI this month. Here’s the problems though…I haven’t started yet. I’m currently on cycle day 41. The longest cycle I’ve ever had (since I’ve been tracking anyways) was 44 days. I took a hpt on Wednesday, cd39, and it was a bfn. At what point should I be concerned that something’s wrong? I feel fine really just a little bit of sore breasts and pretty significant fatigue for the last 2-3 weeks.


I would call your Doc and have them do a beta (blood serum hcg) if you still don’t have AF by Monday. Then I would ask for some progesterone to get your cycle assuming you want to try another cycle as soon as your AF starts. It isn’t uncommon though for clomid to mess with your normal cycles though so I wouldn’t be concerned that something is wrong pr say.