when should I expect my AF?


Having only had two IUI’s and the first was an ectopic… this one was:bfn: … when should I expect my :af: … not feeling anything… probably a stupid question but I just wondered if the IUI will delay it… normally I am pretty regular… end of 2ww was yesterday beta was neg… so now I wait… I just want it to come so I can get started again.


Are you on Progesterone supplements?


Nevermind, essemkay got to you first lol!


[QUOTE=essemkay]If you weren’t taking any progesterone and your cycles are normally regular (i.e., 28 days, 14 day luteal phase), then count 14 days from the IUI and that’s when AF should appear. Give or take 3-5 days. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, but Clomid can increase your cycle length a little bit, too.[/QUOTE]

No progesterone…just clomid and trigger… I am just being impatient!