When to BD after trigger shot?


I have 5 kids naturally from a previous relationship and my partner has 4 kids from previous relationships. We have been trying to coneive for 2 and a half years now. I finally went to the doctor this month. My midwife says she wont label as infertile, just irregular period. But my periods are regular. I had a pap, day 12 blood work,and ultrasound to ensure my tubes were unblocked and i had no scar tissue. Everything was ok. I went for an ultrasound Wednesday (day 16) and my folcilles had grown. She ordered a HCG trigger shot. She told me to do Ovulation test Thursday and Friday and do the trigger shot Friday at 4pm. I tested 2 times Thursday and Friday and both had a light lines (Negative). I did the shot Friday at 4 and, as she stated, had intercourse at 11pm friday and saturday before 9am. She says we should also have sex sunday before 9am. I go in Monday to test my progestrone levels. do you think the intercourse timing is correct? It seems to far apart. I dont want to miss my O."