When to poas after 5 day transfer


I will be having a 5 day transfer on Friday and will like to know when did you poas after transfer that resulted in a BFP? I don’t want to test too early but I also don’t want to wait an extra second if I don’t have to. Need anyone’s input to gear myself for this journey.


I got a clear positive on day 5 after 5dt.


Thank you. That was encouraging. Congrats.


Good luck. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I tested out the trigger took a day to get out and on the 4th day after my transfer I got my +. I think by day 5 you should test if you want to.

Good luck and keep us posted!!



hi there, i know not everyone can handle the stress of POAS, but i HAVE to…it’s just my nature!!! i love the science in it…
as you can see on my signature, with a single pregnancy i got a :bfp: 6dp5dt but that was the first day i tested.
last year i got a :bfp: 4dp5dt with twins
also i have to add…i had no trigger shots…so it was natural HCG


with my youngest, I tested out his trigger on day 3. Stark white everyday after that until day 7 and that appeared and disappeared very quickly. So much so that we didn’t know what to think. So if you do not get an early BFP, don’t get upset :slight_smile: