When to POAS with Clomid/trigger/progesterone


So this is my 1st month of taking the progesterone suppositories. For those of you that have taken them before - does this allow :af: to come, or due you typically just POAS and if negative come off and then AF comes?

I typically have cycles 24-25 days so really could POAS today but only 11 days post trigger so going to try to hold off until Saturday to make sure it is likely out of my system. Does this sound right?

Any help would be appreciated.


Progesterone will stop AF from coming. So you’ll need to test and if you get a neg stop them to allow AF to come.

I wouldn’t stop progesterone until atleast 14 days post ovulation. Ovulation usually happens 36 hours after a trigger. So base it off that. You could test now, but know if you get a line it could be the trigger. But you could continue to test and see if the lines get darker or lighter. Goodluck!!


your typical cycle length isn’t relevant as the clomid changes when you ovulate and the progesterone will probably keep AF away. i would not poas until 14dpo. good luck!