When to start Preparing


I have a question for those more experienced IVFers.

We are planning a June/July ICSI. First one. I’ll start BC in May. I love Diet Coke. I admit it. When should I start getting off the caffeine and start taking prenatals?

I know I should have stopped now or 5 yrs ago or the sooner the better. But I really want to know how long it’ll take to be off the caffeine to flush it out of the body. And how long it takes the prenatals to get in the system.

Thanks for your answers!


I wouldn’t call myself an experienced IVFer, but here’s my opinion. Start the prenatals now or at least a good multivitamin with 800mcg of folic acid. They’re really no big deal and no harm done in taking them.

The caffeine… It takes about 90 days for the follicles to grow all the way up. So technically 90 days is the right answer. But, caffeine itself leaves your system in less than 10 hours according to this website. How long does it take for caffeine to leave your system?.

So do what you think is best. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it :flower:


I’d start the prenatals now, and stop diet coke when you start stimming (taking shots).


I agree, I was told 6 months out or more fore prenatals.

I’m a diet coke drinker too and you may want to start earlier then stimming to start weaning off - I’m having to go slowly because I’m getting terrible headaches and you don’t want that + the SE of the fertility meds! Just my 2 cents! Good luck!


I think the prenatals is a minimum of 3 months as it takes that long to really load in your system and to have the most benefit from them prior to being pregnant and as to protect baby during conception and in early pregnancy.

As far as the caffeine I read once that it takes like a gallon of water to flush out one soda so at least a week to flush your system and maybe two, but I would also be concerned with having withdrawal symptoms while on your stims which are already hard on your body so I would quit a good month minimum (ideally two) prior to the start of your cycle while you have the chance to get it out and get over the withdrawal symptoms and before the symptoms from your BC’s, stims, and other hormones start. This way your body isn’t already stressed upon starting your cycle and the added stress that goes along with that too.

My clinic has us do an orientation about 3 months prior to cycling and they tell us to start prenatal’s then and stop all bad habits at that time. Better to be over prepped than under prepped so to speak and the more your body is used to the better health the more likely the cycle will be successful.

Good Luck! :flower:


prenatals- I agree with the others now is as good a time as any.

As far as the caffeine goes…I don’t know that it really matters. But I come from the line of thinking that big changes can send your body into more of a shock and do more harm than good.
I’m a coffee drinker, way more caffeine than diet coke. I drank coffee through out my IUIs, IVF, monitoring ect. I’m 7months pregnant and still drink coffee. I cut down to one travel mug (probably equal to 2 cups) a day but didn’t change that until after I got a positive pregancy, this time or with my IUI.
That being said, everyone is different and people have different views on everything. Some people think that they are going to do every single tiny thing to help improve their chances during this process (a normal and logical thought) to me cutting something as little as soda, unless you are drinking it by the barrel, isn’t worth it. To me it would be like cutting cable ($40/month) to save on the budget, when we watch tv every single day…is that $40 really going to help us no it isn’t, which is why we haven’t cut cable LOL

Anyway…to get to my point LOL IF you think that cutting diet coke is a real necessity do it now. Phase it out or reduce it slowly so that your body gets used to not having it. Replace it with water.


Thanks ladies. I’m just now realizing the lack of soda the last couple days is shy my head is killing me right now. I stayed away from the soda the last two days to try it out…and man this headache makes it hard to think! Guess ill start weaning off:(

Thanks for all the replies.:flower:


I agree with the other ladies that the pre-natals are supposed to be in your system for atleast 3 months prior to gettting pregnant, so you should start them right away. They can’t hurt anyway and you can get the cheap kind at wal-mart…much better than not taking anything!

As for the caffeine, dieting, etc. it is somewhat controversial wether any of that really helps or not. But you do not want to have regrets, so I would start cutting back some now (you don’t have to go cold turkey) and if you think you can quit all together when the cycle gets here, go for it!

Good luck to you! Hope this is the cycle for you. I have a lot of ivf info on my blog if you want to check it out, link is in my sig.


The big negative with caffeine when trying to conceive is that it constricts the blood vessels, so it’s not implantation friendly. And, obviously, you want to limit or cut it out completely when pregnant. So, while I’d dump it during the 2ww for sure, I don’t know that not stopping it any earlier would have any deleterious affect.

I used to drink 1-2 liters of Diet Coke a day, but stopped that about 5 years ago when I got tired of being caffeine’s slave. :slight_smile: Honestly, after the first couple of days and some nasty headaches, I didn’t miss it at all. I find that a glass of water works just as well as a “pick me up” in the morning.

And I think every woman of child bearing age should always be taking prenatal vitamins with appropriate folic acid levels.

Good luck to you!!