when to take HPT


So I’m reading on here people waiting 10 days after IUI to test to ensure that the trigger is completely out of their system. Are you testing 10 days after IUI or 10 days after trigger shot??


10 days after the trigger shot. you are just seeing if the traces are still there. I never actually did that because I felt it was more torturous LOL. If you test after the full 2ww, meaning 14 days, and you get a :bfp: , you can be 99% sure that it is an actual :bfp: and not just from the trigger shot. Best of luck to you!!!:cross: for you!


I would also wait the full 14 days…why get excited and have a false positive. I am in the 2ww too right now and it’s TORTURE. I am 10 days past IUI, but waiting to test : (