When your child starts school


Is anyone here the parent of an only child?

My dd will be starting Kindy next year and I think I will need an Rx of Xanax…LOL! For over 7 years I yearned for this child and could not wait to be a SAHM. Since she’s been born I have been in Heaven. This SAHM business is definitely my thing. But her starting school will change all of our weekly/daily routines. So, how to cope. She is our only child so I have no second baby to take the place of filling my days. I don’t need to go back to work, nor do I want to. I’d rather dive right into volunteering at her school.

So what did you guys do to cope when your child finally started Kindy? Is it as sad as I forsee it to be? I can’t help but think it’s a little different experience for those of us who struggled for years just to have our little miracles.


I am not exactly in your boat as my daughter is just 2 and I work mostly from home, so I kind of split the time b/t work and caring for her with my DH who also has a kind of “non-traditional” job. But, I do often contemplate putting her in daycare so that a). I can be more productive with work and b). She can meet more people and participate in fun activities. I fear that my time is constantly torn b/t the 2 and I am not doing an incredible job with either being a mom or being a business owner! But, back to your concerns…I can completely relate to the sadness you are experiencing with your DD heading to kindergarten. I feel similarly every time I think of mine going to daycare. And it is more likely than not my DD will be an only child, which makes me want to savor every last moment even more.

I think you answered your own question though…why not volunteer with DD’s school? I am sure there will definitely be a need for that from the teacher’s perspective. Is DD’s kindergarten part time or full time? If PT, maybe you could plan activities in the morning or afternoon after she finishes school. Also, think about all the little friends she will make! Eventually, you could include them in play dates or invite them over. I think it’s bittersweet in general just watching our children grow. However, just because things change doesn’t mean they will be worse than before. Chances are your DD will bring home so many new and exciting experiences that will lead you two to discover new adventures and you’ll grow closer as a result. :flower: