Where do I fit in?


Hello Ladies,
I am not really sure where I fit in. I have a long hx of infertility challenges and posted on these forums for that. And through IVF we concieved and have a beautiful daughter.

Then I got pregnant naturally. Now I don’t feel like I fit in a Baby Center because I am more annoyed than anything with that site and here I am not sure if I am wanted.

But I am looking for a due date buddy. My daughter is 13 months and I am due for baby #2 Nov 2.


congratulations! you’re welcome here!

my dd group has a mom wiht a history of infertility who conceived naturally. i think there are quite a few floating around here.

have a great pregnancy and healthy/happy baby!


:welcome: Ruewantsababy!

Sorry to hear you don’t feel like you fit in over on another site. I have been there before. :grouphug:

Congrats on a natural pregnancy after infertility challenges! That is wonderful and inspiring! :cheer:

I am due this summer and my lil sister is due in Sept. There are threads under the “after fertility treatments” link that have due date threads where people can meet up that are due in similar months/time frames. If there isn’t already one for November then feel free to start one. I am sure many others will join over the next couple weeks/months.

Also, even if you aren’t due until November many will read and participate in threads of other due dates and are welcome there too. I am not due until June, but I have had all my babies early so am also a part of the May due date thread. It is nice too to be able to look forward to what is going on in a thread that is a little farther along and also a great way to ask questions about things you may be unsure about (such as diabetic testing you haven’t done yet or a gender ultrasound or whatever). Often in the due date thread you are in everyone has similar questions, but no experience yet so…basically it can be beneficial to be a part of several different threads.

Anway, hope you have a better experience here and find a place you feel you fit in. :flower:


Holy carp, Rue! CONGRATS!!!

I think everybody LOVES a surprise BFP after all we’ve been through story! I know I do!! And I especially love that it happened to you.



[B]:welcome: back to Fertility Com. I’ve found that some of the other sites are filled with women that can be quite mean spirited, not at all supportive. It’s pretty sad that they use their energy to be mean and negative.[/B]
[B]I have a one year old DS that was conceived w/out fertility treatment. We got our BFP during a break that we took after a failed IVF. I am now pregnant and due in October (this time my ebryos were over achievers and I’m pregnant with 3).[/B]
[B]You can find me and at least one other miracle BFP mom on the October due date thread.[/B]


You are definitely welcome here. Speaking as someone who doesn’t have the chance to have an “at-home” pregnancy, I love hearing from those with IF challenges that experience pregnancy without treatments. I think it can be very challenging to relate to some of the women who haven’t struggled or haven’t had to use IF treatments ever…I know I read some things on another site where the women were complaining about siblings or in-laws who were jealous of their pregnancies because of infertility and they and the comments they received in response were very mean-spirited and turned me off to such websites…so completely understand why you wouldn’t want to visit those sites. Hope you find a home in the November DD Group…congrats on your pregnancy!!