Where do I go from here?


After trying for about 1 year we decided we needed to get checked out… All my tests were good, my husband had low sperm motility. We found out that IVF with ICSI was our only option to have a family. It has been 2 months since our initial meeting with the RE and now we have a failed IVF cycle. I didn’t respond well to the stim meds. I’m 29 and he gave me double the dose of someone my age. We were just told 2 days ago that my husband’s problem was easily overcome, but now we have a new, much more devastating problem with my eggs. I’m in shock. Up until this point it was just “It’s going to be hard but it’s possible” kind of talk. Now it’s more “i’ll try my best by adjusting the meds”… I just want to cry all day. After finding out I wasn’t pregnant after the blood test (after the long wait) I thought that was the worst day ever… Then the next day meeting with the doctor and getting this news was devastating, I was shaking all day… I can’t believe that my dreams might be crushed.

Has anyone overcome something similar with their eggs via IVF? They were able to get 3 eggs fertilized, but only 2 could be transferred since the 3rd only had 2 cells… I’m not sure what happened (I was in such a daze when we talked to the doc I don’t remember much of what happened) but something about the embryos not continuing to develop and cells dividing like they should…

Please help. Any stories of success would be greatly appreciated… We’re trying to decide if we should try for 3 more IVF cycles as the doctor suggested (It is much cheaper to purchase more than just 1 at a time)…


I have been in a similar situation, but our doc told us at our first IVF failure meeting that to continue with IVF would be “unethical.” (We had 17 mature eggs, 9 fertilized with ICSI, and only 2 B grade embryos…no frosties.) He recommended a donor egg cycle.

Based on the comments on this board and my unwillingness to accept this, I did a second cycle last month. It bombed…completely. I never even got to the egg retrieval because we only had 5 follicles to marginally mature. The others never grew despite 6 ampules of Repronex (like Menopur) each night!

I’m sorry I don’t have a success story to share, but wanted to wish you lots of luck! I guess if you feel strongly about giving this the full-court-press, I’d pay for 3 cycles. In our case, we’d be out that money…so it just wasn’t worth the heartbreak everytime we failed.

Best wishes that your next cycle works!!!


I’m so sorry you are dealing with all this difficult news at once. I remember August 23, 2009 as clear as can be…I was driving across the state to visit my parents and got the phone call that my chromosomal results came back abnormal and I had “Turner Syndrome.” Basically, the kiss of death for fertility. I cried for days and couldn’t concentrate on anything else. It was the most depressed I think I’ve ever been.

And yet, four months later (after tweeking meds and lots of other tests) I made one lead follicle and got pregnant with our son, who is now 14 months old. I still can’t believe that it was possible, especially when I was told that my ovaries were most likely “dried up”.

Was this your first cycle on stims? For me, switching medications made a huge difference. So did taking a month off on birth control. We didn’t do IVF, but I barely was able to make any follicles to just trigger for timed intercourse. It was frustrating and scary. Taking a month off made a big difference for us.

I hope that this was a fluke and any future cycles fare much better! Best wishes to you!!