Where do I start? need advice


I had 2 successful pregnancies, and then a miscarriage at 11 weeks in 2008. Then one more successful pregnancy, and another miscarriage at 17 weeks this past September. We tried again immediately and in cycle 2 we conceived, but miscarried at 4 weeks in a chemical pregnancy. I am now 34 and will be 35+ when I deliver at this point.

In this situation… what should I do next? Do I see a normal OB? or and RE? Do I ask for specific tests? I am a little lost here and not sure what happened to my fertility from before or what may be going on now.

All advice is appreciated.


Wow. I am so sorry!
I would go to an RE and not even deal with an obgyn. Something is up with your losses and you need tests done. Part of an RE’s expertise is recc. Pregnancy loss. Those late miscarriages are not normal.

Pm me if you have any questions.


I agree; I would go straight to an RE and ask about the multiple miscarriages. They may be able to do some simple tests and find out if there’s a reason that you’ve had them–there are lots of women on here who undergo various types of treatment to prevent miscarriages. Probably, it’s not that anything “happened” to your fertility–you just happened to be more lucky with your three successful pregnancies than you were with your others. There may be a really good chance that the RE can help!


It sounds like you may have a clotting disorder. Your RE can order a RPL panel, and treat you with blood thinners, or intralipids, depending on what you may need. I am on round 2, and after losing a normal, healthy baby, discovered I have a clotting disorder. Next time, I will be on heparin. BOL.


After the 2nd trimester loss… I did have blood tests done for the clotting and immune disorders and both were negative so I know it’s not that. I’m just nervous about whether or not my insurance will handle me seeing an RE, and what they will and will not cover. Also… my sister on the same insurance had a tough time getting the ONE office with an RE in it on our plan anywhere in our valley, to even take her seriously and she had tried with a regular period to get pregnant for over 2 years. I’m not looking forward to having to deal with that person as the ONLY option.

What should I tell them? what information would be most pertinent to an RE for this? I’m new to this whole world of fertility issues.


You can always start with your OB/GYN (or start seeing one if you don’t already; it sounded from your first post like maybe you didn’t have one yet?). You’d want to end up at a fertility specialist in the end, but an OB should be able to refer you. I really hope you don’t have to go with the one your sister went to, but if you do, going with an OB’s referral might strengthen your case in their eyes. Also, an OB might be able to help you find a different one, or even suggest some possible options in the meantime. I was referred to my fertility specialist by my OB, and through the whole fertility/pregnancy thing, I’ve been glad that they knew each other. It’s not even exactly that they work together, but each one knows how the other works.