Where is AF?


Hope someone has some bright ideas for me. Let me start off by saying I am NOT pregnant. I have blocked tube openings and DH has zero sperm in SA. But I have always been super regular. Always get a bit of old brown blood on Cd25 and then 2 days later -like clockwork AF arrives. As usual got the old blood on CD25 now on day 33, 5 days later than usual but still no AF. But I feel like I have it, back ache, sore legs, and that crampy heavy feeling. Lots of CM. what’s going on? My mind is racing nor course I googled (stupid me) and now I’m worry about POF. What if after all this time trying -I’ve hit menopause. Am I just over reacting? Help!


Remember the lupron can supress periods so I wouldn’t think it is that strange that your body is adjusting back after all the meds. I did two cycles of Clomid before I went to IVF and boy, that stuff did a number on my cycles and was terrible when I was on it (in my case, the IVF meds were a piece of cake compared to Clomid! Don’t know why, but that is just my experience). Talk to your RE but I think it might take a little bit to get back into a normal cycle again. The progesterone can do stuff too.

Good luck!!!


Could it be any supplements you’re taking?
Are you under a lot of stress?
Have you tried a HPT? Just in case…