Where is AF


Posted this elsewhere but the IVF thread is always so much more active.

Hope someone has some bright ideas for me. Let me start off by saying I am NOT pregnant. I have blocked tube openings and DH has zero sperm in SA. But I have always been super regular. Always get a bit of old brown blood on Cd25 and then 2 days later -like clockwork AF arrives. As usual got the old blood on CD25 now on day 33, 5 days later than usual but still no AF. But I feel like I have it, back ache, sore legs, and that crampy heavy feeling. Lots of CM. what’s going on? My mind is racing nor course I googled (stupid me) and now I’m worry about POF. What if after all this time trying -I’ve hit menopause. Am I just over reacting? Help!


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[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Did you just finish a medicated cycle? If so, the meds could have caused a cyst thatis preventing your AF. This happened tome several times – I felt like AF was right around the corner, butnothing. You may want to call yourDr. They can test your blood and do anu/s to determine where you are in your cycle and if you have a cyst. [/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I remember how frustrating it is to want your AF and itdoesn’t come…hang in there. :grouphug: [/SIZE][/FONT]
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WICC: no my last IVF was JULY /aug. I just don’t know whether its fine to assume I just won’t get one this month. And how that will affect me starting my next IVF jan/feb. My clinic is closed till the 9th!

What really irritates me is that I started with the PMS symptoms 2 days before I was due and 7 days later still have them with a vengeance BUT no AF!


[LEFT]Until IVF, I had perfect 28 day cycles. Since my cycles in June/July and September/October, I have yet to have a “normal” cycle! I have had 3 progesterone injections to “start” my cycles, which always work in 7-9 days. Interestingly enough, I pretty much have AF when the IVF Cordinator tells me I’m going to…which is generally several days after starting Lupron. I told my husband that she knows my cycles better than I do!

I think that IVF just tends to really change the way our bodies handle hormonal changes, and for some of us…it means all the symptoms without the flow!

Good luck![/LEFT]


Just an update CD38 and still no AF. Spoke to my clinic and they suggested I go for a pregnancy test to rule it out and then if AF has still not arrived by Monday [tomorrow] I must let them know so they could either order other tests or kickstart AF with meds. As expected preg test was negative but after googling thoroughly I am beginning to assume the reason for the missing AF is that I didn’t ovulate this last month. Bizarre that this should just occur for the first time in my life now! Anyone who has had experience with this? And if so when did AF finally arrive. Wouldn’t be so bad except I am still experiencing the awful PMS without the AF. For 2 weeks now! Lucky me!


Poppet, I went through the same thing last month. By CD 40, I called RE office and they told me to call them on CD 45 if I hadn’t started yet so they could induce one. In my head i was like “yeah right, but i’ll go ahead and wait until then”. Sure enough, I got it on CD 43 (2 weeks late). I’m not sure why 45 was the magic number at my office, but it happened.