Where to Buy Saizen


Where do you guys buy your Saizen? I searched some of the threads and found Braun’s and Grubbs. My current subscription is at Braun’s. Are there any other choices?

Has anyone had any success purchasing it overseas?

I am trying to save money but if the quality is reduced then I will just pay the premium.


Zipper, R u buying ivf medicine on your own? Where is your location? I would love to save money too. My doctor said I have to pay $1000 extra for saizen.
Thank you. :bsv:


The rest of my IVF medication is covered by insurance but HGH isn’t covered by insurance as a fertility treatment. This weekend I decided to use a Canadian pharmacy. I plan to utilize a pharmacy recognized by this agency. Canadian International Pharmacy Association



Zipper, from where did you buy Saizen? please let me know.


I purchased from Northwest Pharmacy but they stopped selling it. It was $249.99 for a 5 mg bottle.


I purchased from Northwest Pharmacy for $249.99 for a 5mg vial.


From Northwest Pharmacy for $249.99 for a 5mg vial.


Thanks Zipper! Wish you luck and loads of baby dust!!!