Where to go now?


Maybe I can post this here?.

I know the new forum changes are not going well but I really don’t know where else to go. If you’re considering a different support forum, which one? Will a lowly clomid user like me fit in? I can only seem to find active IVF based forums and that’s obviously a different level. I really started to depend on this forum for support - just knowing there were people out there posting questions and dealing with the same stuff but right now, since no one can reliably post I feel all alone again. So please, if you’re leaving this site for another… take me with you! :smiley:

To the Devs in charge of this upgrade: I’m a software engineer and I know how upgrades go. I was sympathetic when the site was down for three days. I was excited that the site finally displayed on mobile operating systems. But I am also a hormonal woman separated from one of the only things keeping me from reacting to the world with open hostility. If anyone is still around when the site gets fully up and running again, I’ll be back. I like the changes (when they work). Guess we’ll see.


You might try babycenter. It isn’t super easy to navigate and find the group you’re looking for, but if you find one, there are some great active TTC groups. If there was some way I could contact people on the thread I’ve been following here (maybe it will go back up briefly one of these days), I’d suggest starting a group there. Good luck!


I’ve been trying fertile thoughts.com and it seems pretty good. I had been lurking here and was just getting ready to post in the first time IVF group when the forum started having problems.


I agree with kathe.I’ve been using babycenter too and I think most of the women have already switched over to them in the meantime.


i’ve joined fertilethoughts.com - i tried our thread again this morning and it’s back to the original error message. there has been no news from the administrators - has the forum sunk?


I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been in the infertility game for a very long time, and this is the best community in my opinion. The others are full of ridiculous rules like you have to post in all bold letters that you are about to mention a loss/pregnancy/child before you actually mention it. (insane) or filled with fertiles who have no idea what it is like for the rest of us…or full of snipy catty women who have been part of the forum since it was established and have no time for newbies who post the same questions over and over.
I heart fertility community.

But - I un-heart the upgrade and am also in development. I agree that this is a terribly implemented upgrade, but I have been there before…Maybe this was never done in a test environment? definitely don’t think the servers are up to the task. And yeah, transparency would be nice…but, honestly this is not life or death we are dealing with. It’s a support network and it’s a huge help, but I seriously doubt the course of anyone’s life has been changed because the site is down.


That’s odd…I didn’t sign in and I could see the signatures (the little pen thing under our join date)…and now that I logged in to say “at least the signatures are back!” they are gone!
I don’t want to leave here…I’ve never been comfortable posting until this site. I’m going to wait it out and hopefully get pregnant in the meantime!


Oh good, I’m so glad to hear some people are just as annoyed at the other options as I have been. As long as some people stay and the site stays semi-functional I’ll keep my moodiness to a minimum (yesterday was a really bad day for me, I got my period too early (cd 24) and I was on the verge of breaking down at work and the site was not working). It was a /ragequit moment


Development is working on it. Try your threads again, we have been working with the cache system to speed things up and help with the error msgs when posting.


This is a test post


I can only update as I receive updates, please do not be disrespectful. I know this has been a difficult transition, but the update was a necessary evil. The old version was outdated and subject to hackers and other various threats. The upgrade came with some unexpected issues that could not be predicted and our development team is working hard to ensure that the site is restored for a better overall user experience.


Thank you for your patience. Hopefully the signature issue will be resolved shortly, I know they have been working on the cache system to speed up load and post times.