Where to turn when Fertility treatments fail...Is it time to move on?


If you have tried everything and it has failed and you are feeling helpless and don’t know where to go from here… there are people who understand that feeling. Most people on this website are still trying to have a baby, but if you feel that you are done or have exhausted your resources, your mind and your body and need to close this chapter of your life I highly encourage you to find a Blog that has helped me out a lot in coming to terms with the fact that life does go on after infertility even if you don’t end up becoming a parent.

LifeWithoutBaby.com is a blog started by a wonderful women who wrote a book called “I’m taking my eggs and going home” which I also encourage you to read.

The women in this community have stopped treatments and are looking to accept their new lives and move on the best they can working their way through the sadness and dealing with unpleasant situiations. If you feel that this is something for you, I highly recommend reading a little of this blog. There are also links to a lot of other blogs from women who are Childless not by choice, like we are.


Thanks for the useful sharing!

I think it’s also better to accept the situation coz life is so short…why waste time for worrying & sadness all the time? Just keep moving forward and enjoy life in any way…

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