Which cycle day/days for gonal-f?


I’m doing medicated cycles with the option of iui’s right now. My doctor has kind of left protocol up to me right now.(basically, I’m just filling in time, hoping something great happens, before raising money for de or adoption)

I was able to use some flex dollars to order one gonal f pen. It will arrive tomorrow, which will be cd7. I’m taking letrozole days 4-8.

So, just wondering which cd you all take your gonal? I’m not sure if I can use it this month or not and don’t want to waste it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!!


I did letrozole cd3 - 7 and follistim (same thing as gonal-f) cd 8 - 12. Good luck to you!


That’s extremely helpful, thank you!!

Looks like you’re in 2ww, good luck to you as well! :bsv: