Which day did I ovulate?


Hello all

FF has me ovulating at either cd 14 or 16 depending on whether I had my surge on just cd 14 or also on cd 15.

I had my surge cd 14 in the afternoon, so possibly it lasted cd 15 too (I didn’t test). Cd 16 had a bit of a line but was negative.

Since a m/c last yr my hormones went whacky and my cycles really long. I was using chinese herbs March cycle (the one I’m talking about) which got me down to a 28 day cycle. Before that, I didn’t chart so I’m not really sure what’s normal for me.

I’m using a donor so planning ahead is crucial. I’m aiming for a boy too (I know it’s not an exact science but gotta try) so the day of surge and ovulation would be best to try.

I’m not sure how to share my chart so I’m writing down my temps if that’s ok:

36.2 and 36.3 prior to surge

cd 14: LH+ 36.1
cd 15: LH (didn’t test) 36.4
cd 16: LH- (about 50% LH) 36.1
cd 17: 36.7
cd 29: period

If I ovulated cd 14, luteal would be 14 days, if cd 16 luteal would be 12 days.

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks! :thankyou:


Unfortunately all you can do is make an educated guess with the info you have. You likely ovulated between CD14 and 16 and that is about all you can know with your info.

Wish I could shed more light on it for you. I think it likely that you ovulated late on CD 14 or sometime on CD15 since it can take more than 24hrs for the progesterone to rise enough to show up on the BBT. However, some do show up within 24hrs–just depends on the person so…it could also be early the 16th.

If it makes you feel any better I had two of my three boys doing BBT’s and having intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. Not sure if that is coincidence, but I had read that you can get boys that way. We weren’t trying for boys per say, but it worked that way for us.

Back then (those two are now 15 and 13 so…) they just told you to :dance: when you got a rise in BBT. FF says that you cannot get pregnant after you ovulate, but we did twice like that. Of course we could have :dance: leading up to the rise as well and I just don’t recall since our actual “trying” was always the day I saw the rise.

Anyway, as you can imagine by the time we started trying with this one we really wanted a girl and we are FINALLY pregnant with her!

Good luck! :cross: you get your BFP and it is a lil boy. :flower:


Hi Ahhny

Thanks so much for your reply and congrats on your baby girl-to-be :slight_smile: How many days before ov did you abstain to conceive her?

I agree, it’s impossible to pinpoint my ov day but I shall be keeping an eye on my opk’s and do my best to time it right.

That’s reassuring re your sons and timing, although, as you say, you can’t remember if you tried leading up to ovulation… thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks also for taking the time to reply and apologies it took so long to get back, always busy busy…!!

Squirrel x