Which Infertility Treatment is Right for Me?


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After you’ve (hopefully) identified the cause of your infertility, you’ll be in a position to begin medical interventions. Here’s a summary of the most widely-used treatments for infertility.

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Thanks for sharing. Just came across this post. Here’s my background leading me to ivf with donor egg. Dh was 42 yrs old. Me- 40. We got married in 2013. TTC since 10/14.
After a year of unsuccessful tyring I was diagnosed on PCOS & blocked fallopian tubes. Dh was just ok. My AMH results came in less than 3.2 which was extremelly low to count on.
IVF 9/15 - failed.
IVF 12/15 - failed.
I never saw the faintest of BFP with both ivfs. Doc suggested PGD as he suspected me of being a carrier of Wilson disease (Very rare treatable disorder.) Our further step was using donor eggs. It took us 2 shots to get prego with them. Currently we’re into the same process again. Working for a sibling.:blush:


Choosing the best fertility treatment for you is a collaborative effort between you and your physician. Your fertility expert can advise you on pros and cons of the fertility treatment options for your condition, as well as your chances of pregnancy with each approach. But ultimately, you will play the key role in this decision by providing your own perspective and priorities. Below are some key points that we recommend considering before choosing the best treatment method for your infertility. First, know the cause of your infertility: Have you had thorough testing to determine what your specific fertility issues are? Could it be a combination of problems? Second, know your treatment options: Have you explored all of the treatments available for your diagnosis? Finally, understand what each treatment entails: Do you fully understand what your treatment plan involves - physically, as well as in terms of time and cost - and what you can expect from it? High success rates on the surface don’t necessarily translate into expertise in the specific fertility treatments you need. It’s crucial to select a clinic that has not only the knowledge and resources to perform the treatment that is most appropriate to your case, but also has a history of successfully helping many patients with cases similar to yours. Like in my case with Bio tex clinic.


In case of infertility treatment, the patients are offered one of the treatment programmes. It is based on the examination results to fit their needs and current health condition. The following treatment methods could be conducted:
Ovarian stimulation and planned intercourse.
Intrauterine Insemination - IUI.
In Vitro Fertilisation with Own Eggs - IVF.
In Vitro Fertilisation with minimal hormonal stimulation - IVF min.
In Vitro Fertilisation with Donated Eggs - DE IVF.
CryoEmbryoTransfer of Own Embryo - KET.
CryoEmbryoTransfer of Donated Embryo - KET DEM.
As I’ve mentioned above, I personally experienced 2 ivf shots with own eggs which failed completely. Then we used donor eggs for ivf and got bfp after 2 rounds. Donation of eggs helps treat women whose ovaries produce only a few or no eggs (like in my case. Adding their low count.) This occurs mainly in women over 40 years of age. Treatment then with own eggs yields a very low success. Egg donation can be used also for couples with repeatedly low quality of embryos. (Obviously the cause is not on the man’s side.) Some women, who need donor eggs, are the carries (transmitters) of inherited genetic disorder. Or they may be after successful treatment of cancer (chemotherapy or radiotherapy).
I guess each method has its pros and cons for every individual case. And it’s the most likely to be the doc’s responsibility to chose the best one for the patient.


Science keeps advancing, treatments keep getting better, and more and more babies are being born using techniques such as the ones listed below. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, more than half of couples with infertility issues become pregnant after treatment and that’s not including high-tech, high-priced procedures like IVF. Problems that affect fertility, and treatment options will empower patients to make the best choices. Understanding the normal reproductive process is essential in knowing when to seek help. Helping patients develop a deep understanding of their fertility options will make the process smoother. Which technique you may need will depend largely on the cause of your infertility. How much it will cost varies widely too, by where you live, for example, and by the number of clinics are in your area. Like in my case I decided ot go for surrogacy in Bio tex. And it did work successfully. All the best for you.


Costs is always the issue, though. We had to opt for donor eggs overseas as it turned out to be much cheaper than doing home. Clinic offered 1 att for 5k, 2 atts for 7k and 5 atts for 10k euro. The last package was guaranteed. I mean they guaranteed a life birth or money refund in case of 5 failures in a row. A lot of couples are looking for guaranteed programs within repro centers to feel safe from money loss. Or have at least 2 shots to boost chances. The same thing concerning surrogacy treatment. There may also be some perfect options for those who want to pass it for less money sums and have guarantees alongside. Of course the treatment plans and protocols are different for everybody. One should listen to her dr and follow her advices to get closer to success. Unfortunately it’s not always an easy task to get diagnosed appropriately. Sometimes people go through loads of testings both and then are said’‘I’m sorry guys, you have unexplained…’'I guess this might be the worst to hear…
Ladies do share your dx and treatment plan you were recommended!! Let’s see how it actually works.