Which pharmacies are the best deals?


Hi guys, Its been a long time since i originally became a member here :slight_smile: Its fun to check the IVF threads and see how youre all doing.

My question today is on behaf of a friend starting her frist IVF cycle. She asked me where she could find the best deals on her meds. I figured I could ask here and get great current info.

So, if you dont mind, where should she order from??

Her protocall includes:Gonal F, menopur, and ganirelix.

Im not sure if it makes a difference, but she lives in the northern midwest.

anway, I really appreciate the time you take to answer, and you can bet that she will appreciate it even more. Thank you so much.

Good luck to everyone. And thanks agian!


We used Village Pharmacy. If you are a self pay they automatically enroll you in programs for free and discounted meds.

Resources and educational materials for fertility patients


What an awesome program. Thank you so much. I had no idea there was anything like that available. :slight_smile:

Any other places you can recommend, guys?

Thanks so much!!


I used Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.


FYI I called Village Fertility Pharmacy and they quoted 50 Bravelle vials (75 units each) for $2,860. In addition they would give me a Lupron Kit for free as well as an HCG trigger shot. Any order over $500 will receive free shipping. (Oh, I’m self pay no insurance coverage.)

BUT I usually order through IVFMeds.com - If I order through them it will be $1,700 (but I will not get any free products.) Shipping will be approx $40-80 and will arrive in 7days-2weeks.

Best of luck to your friend :babydust:


Have your friend try calling Apothecary by Design Specialty in Maine for a price quote on her meds. Let them check her insurance because even without coverage, they can find that some meds might be covered. For example, my Doxy, Medrol, and Lupron were covered. Also, many times the progesterone will be covered, but not all brands, so your friend should see if the pharmacy can find out which ones are covered by her insurance company.

I recently got my first order from Apothecary and was very impressed with the pricing and service. Out of the meds you listed, the only one I got was the Ganirelix and I paid $104 per syringe. I had also called Village Pharmacy in Mass., since I had ordered my meds from them for my first IVF cycle and they quoted me $119 per syringe. Overall, the prices for the meds I needed this cycle were about $250 cheaper from Apothecary than from Village.

Both pharmacies give you the HCG trigger shot for free and enroll you in money saving programs, like DesignRx and use coupons. Apothecary ships all Rx orders for overnight delivery at no charge. Not sure of Village’s shipping requirements because I was able to get my order overnighted at no charge since I only live a state away from their facility. So your friend will have to find out if they can overnight to her for free or if it needs to be with an order of $500+, or pay for shipping. Fortunately, this is not hard to accomplish when it comes to OOP fertility meds! :frowning:

I had great experiences with both of these pharmacies and highly recommend both of them. Just get some quotes first since pricing/offers can change! Also, the Village website is a good resource. It’s very comprehensive and informative and has some great educational videos too!

Here’s links:

Apothecary By Design

Resources and educational materials for fertility patients


I second Apothacary by Design. Their customer service is amazing!!


Success Meds was good to me. :nerd:


ivfmeds.com is cheap and most people can get their meds quickly. in my case, i am waiting my menopur over 1 month, they don’t know when they can send out.

as i posted before, some online pharmacies scared me. after placing a order online, sent credit card information, they requested advance payment with no products replacement or refund for undelivered package.


btfy - [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]RE: IVFmeds.com - My RE suggests ordering in advance [I]if [/I]possible. He has stated sometimes when it takes longer than expected it could be bc customs is holding the package for review. He said they have never had an issue. He also suggested to request the medication be delivered to his office rather than my home address. IDK if customs thinks of it differently if the package is being sent to a doctors office? Either way, best of luck! Hopefully your meds arrive soon! [/FONT][/SIZE]


I called around to everywhere I could find and found the best pricing at Alexander Twin’s. It was last summer, so pricing may have changed. Here is the price per shot/dose.

    Menopur   65.9       Follistim 900cc   750       Follistim 300cc   250       Ganirelix   98       Ovidrel   85.5


I cancelled the rest of the order this morning after waited for 5 weeks. My first package was stopped at the customs for 1 week, but rest of the medicine, when I called this morning they couldn’t tell when they would have them. I compromised with Cetrotide because they didn’t have Ganirelix and they sent only half of what I need.

I ordered from Alexanders twin pharmacy (smprice recommends also) early this afternoon. 3 hours later, I received an email with FedEx tracking number.

Menopur 66.4, Ganirelix 100, Crinone 13.99, Cetrotide 139


I ordered from IVFPharmacy.com (Israel) and Alexander’s Twin (NJ). IVFPharmacy is great and has the lowest prices anywhere, but you need a 10 day lead time. For my extra meds, Alexander’s Twin was cheapest by far for Follistim 300 (I called 10 pharmacies; everyone else was selling it for $295 and AT sold it for $259).

However, I was not impressed with AT’s customer service at all. It took them 4 days to send my meds out from the time I ordered and I never received an update or a tracking email. I had to keep calling them every day to get any info as to my order status. Not worth the stress, IMO.


I saved about 75% by using IVFmeds.com and I got my meds within 5 days. Although if other people are having trouble with shipping from them, it would be smart to order WAY in advance so she got her meds long before her cycle began.


Eirlis, I agree with you about AT’s customer service. I felt Freedom the best, operators were always nice, even for 2 crinon, I received next day or in 2 days. If AF didn’t send out my medicine within today, I was ready to order from Freedom with $200 extra cost.

How did the pharmacy in Israel send meds? Were they in some kind of temperature control package? Were they European package (glass ampule)? Did they send by FedEx or UPS?


[B]Sarah - [/B]If you can provide more info about IVFPharmacy.com in (Israel) I’d greatly appreciate it. Do you mind me asking who referred you to them? A friend or your RE? Also was the package from FedEx or UPS? I need to order Follistim / Bravelle; generic is fine with me but I need to know I’m ordering from a secure pharmacy. I’m going to mention it to my RE and see what he says. It’s about $5 cheaper per vial than IVFmeds.com.


I also heard of IVFPharmacy.com I am skeptical though. Please give any information that you may have. My RE really likes and suggest IVFmeds.com, but I need to save as much money as possible to even do this cycle. Please let me us know. Thanks.


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Its official I spoke to the nurse at my RE office and she said IVFPharmacy.com is a good / secure source. She stated two patients have ordered their med’s and are good to go. I’ll defiantly try them out and order my medication next week. Good Luck ladies. (Yet again order in advance. Just in case there is a short delay. I will start my IVF protocol late March early April.)[/SIZE][/FONT]


Webelieveinmiracles, please share your experience with the pharmacy.


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]I will defiantly post an update once I order / receive my medication. Please note I’m ordering the Bravelle which came out to $225 less than IVFmeds.com. Also the shipping is only $25. IVFmeds.com charged me $39.00 for my last order of 35 vials of Menopur. [/SIZE][/FONT]