Who's pregnant getting/got a flu shot?


I can’t decide what to do- and I’m actually a physician!! I know the data and I should get one but I’m still concerned that if I end up with a miscarriage I will wonder if the vaccination had something to do with it. I’m still in first trimester- if I was in the 2nd trimester I think I would feel better about it. Would love to hear others thoughts/experiences/anectodal evidence.


I am in the same dilemma - except I am not a doctor and I have very basic knowledge of the flu shot :slight_smile: All I know is that I have never had a flu shot to date, and I really don’t want to get one, but everything I read highly recommends it. I’m really interested on peoples perspective on this. I too am in my first trimester, and last year I got the flu, and it was REALLY bad - to the point where I wished I got the shot. Ahhhhh - what to do?!?!?!


I got mine 4 days before beta per RE’s suggestion. I asked him if he was ok with it being so early and not for certain we were pregnant and he said indeed get it now. I figured the risks of getting the flu are far worse than getting vaccinated


Yes, the risks of having a bad case of the flu are worse than getting vaccinated for sure. I just feel torn about waiting until Dec to get the shot.


The recommendations health care providers and the CDC give are for all pregnant women (any trimester) to get a vaccination- the shot, not the nasal one. Available studies show no increase in birth defects if given in the first trimester and no substantial evidence of increased miscarriage but there are some flaws with how they came to the latter conclusion so I’m a little wary. I would not have qualms about getting one in the 2nd or 3rd trimester but I don’t entirely trust the current data we have on getting it in the first trimester. I agree that the risks to the baby are higher of getting a severe case of the flu but to be honest I have not had the flu through med school or residency (working in hospitals) until last year when I had to get a mandatory flu shot for work. Coincidence? Maybe.


When does your second trimester start?


Not until dec 5. So that’s my dilemma, I will probably end up getting one in Nov.


They make a preservative free flue shot so if you do decide to get a flu shot make sure its the preservative free one. Only you can decide whats right for you and your baby. That said I think you should get one. The flu can be really bad for you and your child. (your DH should get one as well)


I never had a flu shot before and didn’t think, the pregnancy was a good time to find out, if my body reacts to it in any negative way. I’ve had the flu before and have always been well able to work through it. Haven’t had a fever for many years. I took the risk of not vaccinating and have never regretted it. The relatively low effectiveness of the flu shot and its risks have not convinced me that it’s better for me and my baby to get it.


I decided to skip it. I’ve never had one before and never had the flu. I rather not take the risk while carrying.