why am i not ovulating?


Hi ladies,
I’m new to the forum, I am 35 and found out I had pcos about a year ago, always had irregular periods (very few), been trying to conceive seriously for 6 months with metformin, the last 3 months been on clomid, two at 50g and one at 100g, on 16 day of cycle today, been having pains iin lower right tummy today thought it might be ov, but tested and as normal is not. I’m just not ov, doc said my clomid will go up to 150g 4th cycle if my day 21 blood test is under 30 (last time it was 3!). I’ve just got very teary tonight its so frustrating, any good stories??? X



I’ve only been taking the metformin 2 weeks now, and I also have PCOS.

The weird thing for me, though, is I’ve been regular for years, and not controlled by BCP, either! I see pregnant women everywhere, and at the slightest mention of children I get cranky or teary, depending on which way the wind it bowing, I guess.

To top it off, I have a SS, a dear little boy my world revolves around. I know I’m a great mommy, I can prove it, I’m better than the biological one he’s got, why can’t I have one of my own?


I’m new to the abbreviation, I assume ss is step son? Its so frustrating i have no children this is my first time of trying, I’m so desperate to be pregnant, or even just ov would be good at this time.


I know how you are feeling… so frustrating. When I was on clomid alone they kept steadily increasing the dose up to 200mg and still only ovulated once! I wasn’t even diagnosed with PCOS until after that because I don’t have many of the symptoms, just irregular cycles. But after I started seeing my fertility specialist and he did an U/S he knew that was my problem. Now I take only 100mg of Clomid combined with Tamoxifen and I have been ovulating regularly. Had a M/C in August but am back trying again now. He has just added Metformin so we will see if that helps :pray: … Maybe you should talk to your doc about trying some other options instead of just increasing the clomid. I just found that the higher doses 150mg and 200mg just gave be me brutal side effects and painful cysts…Hope this helps and good luck to you!