Why did I POAS? Ugh


So I tested 4dp5dt and I actually thought the test was
Not working so when I looked back at it I had two lines…so I then took a digital it said negative, so then I took another on it said negative.

So today 5dp5dt I took another one Negative!!!

What is going on???

I know its early but has anyone experienced this??

First beta Aug 2nd fingers x


Did you do an HCG trigger? It could have possible had a little left in your system, depending on how your body metabolized it.

Another thing might be if you used the same brand of test. It was almost 24 he after I got my first bfp that it showed on digital. And even took a couple more days to show on a test strip my boss gave me, because of the levels that the tests detect!


Are the 2 that were negative digital ? They need a level of 50 to be positive others need as little as 10 did u use a FReR


I think it’s a little early to poas. I think 7-8dpt should show positive results. Don’t give up.


:pray: BrittEv0610 no I did not do a HCG I actually did a FET so a trigger shot is not required I am not taking anything that has HCG in it

@sorcet I have often seen FReR but I don’t know what it is I just use First Response is that a FReR?

Last time I waited until 7dp5dt I dunno why I tested early. Silly me but I seen others like you too test so I just was very impatient UGH



10dpo (5dp5dt) is way too early for a digital. That’s when the HCG just begins to be produced. At best you may get a very, very faint line on an early result (like First Response Early Result FRER). Digital’s should be saved for closer to 8-9dp5dt.


I didn’t poas this cycle. I refused to. My first beta was 4dpt and that’s only bc my clinic is running a study. Don’t give up & good luck.


Digitals do require a higher hcg, so it could be that it is just too early for a digital to show the positive. :cross: for you!!


Thanks guys I appreciate all your input so much. I feel like going upstairs now and peeing on another PT! Lol… ugh but I’m not its going to take so much will power

I just can’t get over that positive test and all the negative ones after…o well keep you guys updated

Thanks again