Why is my lining/follie good but my E2 is low(er)?


Went in for another U/S today and showed one mature follie on the right that was an 18 (there were a couple smaller ones, each 9).

My lining was good, etc.

Got the B/W results back and my E2 is 94 (on Saturday it was 84) and my LH is 8.1.

The nurse said that my lining and follie were good - they were going to have my trigger tonight and do an IUI on Thursday but that has been moved up to a trigger tomorrow and IUI Friday.

I don’t get it.

[B]Why don’t my E2 and follie size seem to match up?[/B]

I thought that E2 should be 150-200 for a mature follie - I guess it could go up in the next 36 hours or so before trigger but…what the heck! :grr:

[B]Does anyone have any insight to this?[/B]