Will AF show up tomorrow?


Well, the end of my two week wait should be tomorrow. Will :af: show up? I’ve had a lot of on and off cramping this month. I had the usual mid cycle cramping I get and then I had quite a bit on and off this past week. On top of that, I didn’t have the breast tenderness I usually have the whole week before AF, but it did show up today. I hate this! I hate obsessing over every little cramp, pain or change in my usual cycle. Praying for a :bfp: !!!


I like this forum, amazing and very informative, :preg:


Hi pdot95. I thought for sure AF was coming 2 days before my :bfp:. AF and early Pg symptoms are very similar. I pray that you are pleasantly surprised tomorrow. :cross:


Thanks Nesi_M! I will keep you all updated!


still no AF

Well, I almost always get AF on day 26, here I am on day 28 and no AF. Really, really hoping God’s not messing with me. The longest I’ve gone past 26 days is a week and that only happened once and we were on a 2 1/2 week road trip. I am going to try very hard to wait until Sunday to do a hpt if I don’t get it before then. It’ll be 8 days past due at that point. :pray: this is finally our month!!!


Wish you good luck dear… Lots of Baby Dust to you :babydust:


:af: showed up today…4 days late. I do not appreciate God messing with me on this. I am very rarely late so when I am…my hopes go way up. :grr: