Will be the treatment successful?


I’m extremely new too all of this. Since I have both blocked tubes iui is not an option, so right into ivf I want to go. What should I expect?


Hi, dear! I’m sorry you found yourself here :frowning: But still welcome to the crowd!
Well, years ago I was diagnosed on PCOS and blocked fallopian tubes as well. I’m 40 yo, so egg ageing adding to all this. You can see from my signature we’ve tried 2 rounds IVF last year. Each time we were using own eggs and unfortunately didn’t succeed. Besides our while last try the doc suggested PGD testing as I’ve had a miscarriage before. Yet another expert suspected me to be the carrier of Wilson disease… But thankfully he was mistaken.
You’re absolutely right IUI is not the variant for you. So you have to look onto IVF but have your medical history carefully studied by the expert first. Also a thorough medical examination should be performed.
You may have tests to check the levels of hormones in your blood and how well your ovaries are working. You may also have an ultrasound scan or X-ray. Your partner may be asked for a semen sample to test sperm quality. If IVF is the best treatment for you, the specialist will refer you to an assisted conception unit. Once you’re accepted for treatment at the assisted conception unit, you and your partner will have blood tests for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and to check if you’re immune to rubella. Your cervical screening tests should also be up to date. The specialist will investigate the amount of eggs in your body and their quality (your ovarian reserve) to estimate how your ovaries will respond to IVF treatment. Seems that’s all as for the initial stages. (PS. Finally we’ve found ourselves in Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic where are currently passing our IVF program with donor eggs.)
Good luck and take care :slight_smile:


SamanthaSun, thanx for your reply. From your words I can imagine how tough the path is.
And what if my eggs are with low quality? I’m 40 yo and this thoughts raise doubts about the results of the treatment.
May you tell more detailed about IVF program with donor eggs? Is it worth to go in for it, if I fail with my treatment?


Sure, hun. We’ve got BFP from the first attempt (which was quite surprisingly for us - see the signature. I really thought it would take us several attempts.)
I believe each DE IVF program varies a bit according to the place you’re in. Every clinic has its specific points. So I’ll tell you only about experienced things.
In Biotexcom clinic DE IVF program is performed in the following way.

  1. They define the date of initial consultation and send you the list of required papers. (Transvaginal ultrasound check results, breast ultrasound check results, chest X-ray (for both). Also doc’s certificate that you’re healthy enough to carry out a baby and that pregnancy is not prohibited for you. Sperm count if available. )
  2. Than the initial consultation itself. We both came to the clinic to undergo the required tests (blood tests for both, pap smear, sperm count). The doctor studied medical records, performed transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances to successfully accomplish the program. He explained us the treatment plan. Also they gave us the medications needed for my subsequent stimulation protocol. All agreements signed.
  3. You’re following the treatment plan and make the needed ultrasound checks according to the protocol of stimulation and synchronization.
  4. After the embryo transfer is performed you’re given the protocol to follow and meds according to this protocol. In two weeks after the embryo transfer you need to make blood test for HCG level and send the results to the clinic. Their obligations are considered to be fulfilled after the pregnancy reaches the term of 12 weeks.
    We booked 5 att program for 9900 euro, meds and selective reduction included into the package price. In case of 5 failures they refund all money paid back!
    Hope this helps, hun, a bit to drop light on what to expect. All in all the process is not so complicated as it could seem. Wish you all the best Xx