Will taking Clomid "use" up my eggs too fast if I have low AMH?


Sorry if that’s a strange question, but my AMH is .8 and my doctor prescibed me Clomid. From what I understand, Clomid helps ovualtion, does that mean more eggs will be ovulated at once and I may use up my low reserve quicker?? My husband has low sperm count, so I would rather wait until we get his count up to take the Clomid, but my doctor told me to go ahead and take it… but can’t you only be on Clomid for 6 months at a time?? So confused… :grr:


From what I understand, you produce a certain number off folicles (afc) during a normal cycle and only one matures while the rest die off. During a stimmed cycle more of those follicles mature, the ones you’d produce on your own anyway, so you are not using up any more eggs than you would normally.


That makes me feel much better. Thank you


your welcome bfu1873, goodluck!! I wish you lots of luck with clomid.