Wine and egg quality


I know that alcohol can impact egg quality but how long before you do ivf does it affect it? My RE said no more than 4 glasses of wine a week…however over the holidays I let loose and had more than that…Im doing ivf in march and plan on not drinking from now until then…maybe an occasional glass here and there? Is 2-3 months enough time to prep for my next ivf…I’m freaking out that I permanently damaged my eggs and ruined my chances for the next ivf! I just had a miscarriage in nov after my first ivf…I’m 39 so now I’m beating myself up over it…wine is not worth ruining my chances but I had a rough time after this m/c and wanted to relax and not worry for a few weeks during the holidays but now I’m worried that I will never have a child now…what is everyone’s knowledge or thoughts on this? How long did you give up alcohol before ivf?


Just stop now and you should easily be fine. Eggs generally mature over a period of 3 months, so you should have plenty of time. Truth is that noone really knows the impact or lack thereof of wine, beer, etc… Most docs just err on the side of caution.

I wouldn’t sweat things too much! There are so many factors involved in this process…wine is but a tiny part (especially 3 months away)!

Best wishes on your next cycle!


I had occasional drinks until I started shots. I wouldn’t sweat it.


I had a successful round of IVF last January/February and had drank a little more wine than I should have during the holiday season leading up to it. I stopped all drinking once I went on the bcp and of course during the injections/retrieval/transfer. It also concerned me but it worked out (my son is almost 8 weeks old). Try not to worry about it, I don’t think it makes much of a difference.


You should be fine. I have always heard to give yourself around three months to get your body healthy. Also, occasional glasses are probably fine, just don’t go overboard! Good luck to you!