Wiping with toilet paper


I’ll make this as discreet as possible. I have 0 sperm cells on both my SA. One thing that puzzles me is that I think that I am not azoospermic few years back.

I have one question please. For a man with normal sperm count, and when he wipes off his semen with a toilet paper, after a few hours, does the toilet paper turn yellowish? Because mine was yellowish before but now, it’s just plain white.

I am really hoping for an input.


So hit up the old hubby for an answer and he says it turns yellow. I don’t recall the numbers but he had a better than average sperm count… but definitely couldn’t say if that has anything to do with the sperm. It could just be something in one’s diet, etc. Dr. Google might be able to answer that for you.

Good luck to you!


I would guess this also has to to with diet and body chemistry vs actual presence of sperm. Semen volume and PH level can lend some insight into the underlying problem but you will need blood work, ultrasounds and genetic testing before you get an answer and even then there may be no known cause.

I went (and still am) going through all possible behaviours that may have caused my azo and it just drives me nuts. I am still waiting to find out the cause for me. At least when you know what the problem is you have a better idea of what to do next. Stay positive.


may have caused my azo and it just drives me nuts.

I totally agree with you. I also noticed that in your signature, the ultrasound proved that you don’t have any blockage. Is that really 100%? I was being informed by my Urologist that the only way to determine if you’re NOA or not is for by doing a biopsy.

Also, if we are NOA, there is no cure for this right? Either if we are diagnosed from Klinefelters to maturation arrest. I’ve searched every single page on the net and the only thing that can be done here is by taking meds like clomid, testo shots like Arimidex and others.

My point is, if we are NOA, the only advantage in going to those test is to know what caused our condition, but sadly, there is no cure and there is nothing that we can do about this unless we go the IVF route. Please anyone, pleae tell me I’m wrong. :frowning:


The biopsy will show if there is maturation arrest or sertoli cell only syndrome. Have you had genetic testing done yet? I am still waiting my results.

If it is pretesticular or idiopathic NOA, drugs like Clomid may help. If it is testicular azoospermia (ie y-chromosome microdeletion, klinefelters, etc) drugs will probably not have much effect especially if your hormones and testosterone are in normal ranges already. My fertility doctor won’t try clomid because my testosterone and other hormones (except FSH) are in perfect range. I have heard some doctors will put you on it 3 months prior to surgical extraction but that probably varies case-to-case.