Wisdom tooth extraction


I had a root canal in a wisdom tooth last week. It still hurts and the dentist said it might have failed. It is a wisdom tooth and fully in. I had the ones on the left pulled last year by my regular dentist. She used local anasthetics and it took 20 minutes. I did need ibuprofen after for a day or two. I am wondering if I should just have her pull it now. I start Lupron in 2 days but no stims until July 6th. Has anyone had dental work done while on Lupron? I sent an email to my IVF coordinator and I’m waiting to hear back. I can’t push my cycle because I need to be off work while while doing this because I would never be able to get the time to go for all the screenings and ultra sounds during the school year. My ER is tentative for July 18th. I go back to work aug 15th. So confused and upset this is happening. Neither can be put off and I really don’t see it being an issue as long as I do it before my baseline on July 3rd. Need advice bad. I can’t sleep thinking about it.


I wouldn’t think it would be a big deal since you haven’t started stims yet. Hopefully you’ll hear back from your ivf coordinator today and she will out your mind at ease.


I am not an expert, just I believe that it is much better to solve tooth problems now, than later (especialy after ET, when you are :preg: ). You even didn’t start with stims, even better!!!
Just, be carefull: my RE told me that Ibuprofen during stims might make your follicles “empty” (no eggs), you should avoid Ibuprofen and take Tylenol, if needed (check with your RE).

Good luck!


I wouldn’t think it is a big deal, but I agree you should talk to your doctor. Also, I agree that you should not take ibuprofen. I was told this interferes with ovulation also. I also agree, especially if you are doing a fresh transfer, you need to take care of any issues with your teeth before you get pregnant.


I’m honestly surprised an dentist would do ANY work on a wisdom tooth especially a root canal of all things. My wisdom teeth on the top came in straight and I had to have them pulled anyway a couple of years later. My dentist told me they are impossible to keep clean enough to keep them from rotting out and that they tend to also be weak teeth to begin with. I think you are just delaying the inevitable. Just have it pulled so you can get on with things. This is a battle you won’t win. Trust me. I’ve been there done that.


I agree impossible to keep clean. They were all straight. I wanted the root canal to avoid the extraction cause last time on the other side I got dry sockets and the excruciating pain lasted for weeks and if I can’t take ibuprofin and that will be awful. Guess I will have to rough it. RE says pop it out ASAP. Scheduled to get it out Sat morning at 9am :eek: thanks for your help. I was freaking out.