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Are there any women out there who have never been pregnant before, but got a :bfp: in their 30’s or 40’s? I read a thread last night stating women who have never been pregnant have less chance of getting pregnant regardless of the method. The woman who wrote this also had endo, like I do, so I am feeling sick. Maybe this will never happen, even with IVF which is my last hope.


Congrats, essemkay!!:clap: :bsv:


It might take longer, but it definately does happen for alot of women. Took us 2.5 years, but we have been blessed with a beautiful son. Got the bfp a week before I turned 41.

I had endo pretty bad - lost one of my ovaries to it. I found acupuncture made a big difference with my monthly cramping. I’d recomend looking into pycnogenol as a supplement - it’s supposed to help reduce endo.


Didn’t get my first successful :bfp: until my mid-30’s! It can get more difficult in general as you get older, but it’s not impossible. I’m on my second now and I can honestly say that my 30’s have been good to me!

Here’s the run-down of my ‘unexplained’ IF:

‘Gnarly’ scar tissue around uterus (obscuring the posterior cul-de-sac), right ovary/tube adhered to back of uterus via said scar tissue, PCOS, DH w/reverse vas.

Given the state of modern IF medicine, women in their 30’s and 40’s have a much increased change of getting pregnant than they did even a few years ago.


Thanks everyone.
It’s ridiculous but I keep combing this site for an answer, its as if I hope that if I read enough threads I will come across the one that will say “yes, yes Sarah you too can have a child”. I want someone to say that I will happen for me. And I just can’t have that. I will see a message from someone who is in my exact situation and I take that as a sign or hope that it can happen for me, then I see a message saying that it is harder to get pregnant if you’ve never been pregnant and I lose hope. I love these boards, but they also facilitate my descention into basketcase-ary.


Essemkay- :woohoo:CONGRATS on your:bfp: :cheer:


:bsv: [quote=roonis]Essemkay- :woohoo:CONGRATS on your:bfp: :cheer:[/quote]

Ditto!!! Essemkay, you have replied to me several times on this forum and I truly appreciate it. Best wishes to you with this BFP!! :bsv: