Wondering how to ask my RE for an IUI


Hello all, I am new here, but have been lurking for quite a while.
Well I have been seeing an RE here in Cincinnati where I live and have a diagnosis of RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss),I have tested positive twice for lupus anticoagulant and hypothyroid. I am currently on baby aspirin, lovenox and synthroid. My husbands SA was perfect. All of my miscarriages were with my first husband all before 8 weeks.
My RE seems to think that since I have had no problems getting pregnant before we should just be doing timed intercourse. At first we agreed to this. But 6 months later I am still not pregnant.
I have been charting, bd’ing like rabbits, gotten positive opks and still no BFP. To top it all off I just turned 35.
I want to ask my RE to “step things up a notch” and to start with iui’s next month. When I brought this up before he kind of gave a wait and see attitude. I am officially tired of waiting. How do I bring this up that I need/ want additional interventions. I NEED my take home baby.

Sorry for rant.


I would just straight up ask. I would say that you feel at your age you want to try the next idea. If they say No then maybe they arent the RE for you. I believe every doc should listen and if you have good reason why not go to the next step. Just my thoughts.