Wondering if anyone had only a few eggs retrieved still fertilized


Today I had my egg retrieval and my re only got four eggs. He said my other follicles were not matured yet. This is my first ivf cycle so I don’t know what to expect. I had a lot of follicles in my ultrasounds so I was shocked to only get 4 eggs. ICSI will be done on all the eggs since there’s so little. I’m worried none of them will fertilize since I’ve read a lot of people that had a lot of eggs only get a few to fertilize. I also wonder if the dosage off the ivf medications had something to do with how many eggs I had. I had high e2 levels after three days of stimming so the re reduced a lot of the medications. I’m hoping to not develop OHSS after the egg retrieval.


I only had two the first time around and then 4 the second time. The second time, only 2 fertilized and I now have a healthy daughter from one of them. :slight_smile: You just never know! Don’t give up hopes!


It depends on maturity of the eggs as well as quality of the lab.

Don’t stress out in advance. There are many successful stories with a few eggs retrieved.



I had five eggs retrieved and ended up with two 5 day embies. I remember being very upset with those results. I am now pregnant with twins. The IVF process is stressful. I hope it all works out for you!