Wondering if these numbers are good?


My DH and I had our 3rd IUI with injectibles on the 18th. I had a follicle on my right side measuring 2.1 and one on my left side (with no tube) measuring 1.9. My DH count was 47 million (after wash) with 65% motility. As this is the third and final try with IUI (on 150 iu of puregon this cycle) I’m worried that if this doesn’t work I’m not sure if we can afford to go through IVF so I was just wondering if these would be considered good numbers for this? (Previously on clomid and had between 4-5 follicles).



Sounds good to me!! Goodluck :cross:


That all sounds great to me! Your sperm count numbers sound similar to our DS numbers for this pregnancy :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!


Thanks guys with this being the last iui we can do I’m nervous, and :cross: