Worried about fetal heart rate and miscarriage


hello. needing some support and opinions and advice. I had a fet on aug 9th. thankfully bfp and quants went up well, but spotting on and off the entire time and sometimes becomes like a light period, but then starts to resolve. my doc said its “cervical irritation” and its nothing to worry about. a few days ago, cramping started so i went to the ER at 6 weeks 3 daysand there were two little ones:) twin a fhr was 136 and twin b 118 (a little low). Today i went for another ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days (my bleeding and cramping have almost totally stopped) and both embryos are still visible, but twin a fhr was only 118 and twin b did not have any notable cardiac activity:( My doc wants to see me back in a week for twin a (we realize twin b is a loss), but since the heart rate has dropped, i am losing hope. Does anyone have any experience or words of wisdom about this?


I just wanted to say best wishes & I’ll be thinking of you and your baby. I hope he or she stays holding on strong.


thank you so much. I really need the support right now! hoping for the best next week but it is going to be a long grueling week:( anyone else have a similar experience?


Hi Hopefull! I’m sorry about twin b. Hang in there. Everything could be ok for twin a. Here is a heartrate chart for early pg. [URL]http://www.countdownmypregnancy.com/pregnancy/heartbeat.php[/URL] I think 118 is ok. Best of luck to you.


just wanted to update: the week after, the RE was able to find the second twin heart beat. i am now 8 weeks 5 days, had an ultrasound yesterday and both babies look good with strong heart beats:)