Hello everyone, it has been a very long time since I have been on here. I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I am about 7 weeks along and the dr office called me back just awhile ago with my hcg levels and progesterone level, my hcg level is 32,000 and my progesterone level is only 7.5. I am terrified. I have to go back to have another blood test on Monday. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with those levels? I asked the nurse if it was ok and she told me everything was fine, I just have to come back in to make sure my levels double.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated to put my mind at ease.




The placenta takes over progesterone production sometime between 6 and 8 weeks - perhaps it doesn’t show up in the blood once it’s self-contained like that?

Plus at 7 weeks, why are they even worried about blood work? Time for an ultrasound!!

Congrats on your pregnancy!


I am just freaking out because I just took my first pregnancy test yesterday morning and when it turned positive I couldn’t believe it. I was too afraid to test before yesterday, but I knew something was going on since I didn’t have my period in over a month. I went to my GYN yesterday, they are just a GYN, not an OB, my first OB appointment is this coming Tuesday. I have had simple hyperplasia for awhile now and had a D&C last November because of it, so I didn’t even think I could get pregnant. So, I am happy but scared and nervous at the same time. Even though the nurse told me my test results were fine, I am still worried deep down, since my progesterone level is low, well to me it is.

Thanks essemkay!


I never had my progesterone checked in my pregnancy but i was on pio. I still freaked out about it tho not knowing if it was really high enough. I would definitely ask them to recheck and/or give you progesterone. Some drs don’t “believe” in it but it certainly can’t hurt a thing to take some!


Well I pushed my GYN office to call me in some progesterone. I started on Friday taking 200mg x2 a day orally, which I hope works just as good as the vaginal ones? I go in the morning for another blood test at my GYN to recheck my levels and Tuesday an appointment with OB. I hope and pray everything is ok. I have all the pregnancy symptoms (nausea, vomiting, very sore breasts) I have had no cramping or bleeding. Just want to know everything is ok, my mind has been going crazy.


Just wanted to update everyone on what has happened recently…I had bloodwork again this past Monday to recheck my levels from last Thursday and both my hcg and progesterone levels went up. I had my first OB appointment yesterday, everything went great, got to have an ultrasound done and saw our baby and heart beating at 155, it was amazing and my husband and I were both in tears. I am still taking the progesterone supplements for just a little bit longer. I am 8 weeks and due January 28th.