would love to hear your symptoms


So as I sit and obsess during my 2ww I was wondering if any of you would like to share any symptoms you may or may not be having…

my iui was 10-31
day 3 and 4 post iui I had some pain near my left ovary (although I only had a 12mm follie).


I am 2dpiui, and have had very minimal symptoms. I was a little crampy on the day of the IUI, but nothing major at all. Yesterday and today I have had more “feeling” in my lower abdomen if that makes any sense! It just feels different than it normally would at this point in my cycle. I don’t know if it is just because I am really paying attention to it, or if there is actually something happening. I am trying really hard to not think about it, but it’s hard not to! Don’t know if that helps??? Good luck getting through your 2ww! :cross: :cross: :cross: for a happy outcome for both of us!


I had zero symptoms and zero cramping after the first few hours. My first hint of my BFP was that I also had no PMS a few days before AF was scheduled to visit. My prior BFN cycles I over analyzed every since twitch and twinge.


The day of my iui I had some mild cramping throughout the day. I’ve had some mild cramping 3,4,5 dpiui. I’m 6dpiui today and feel exhausted but I think that is due to the progesterone. I’ve had more clear discharge than normal but heard that may be a result of the injections (residual effect I guess). I’m hoping for a sign but can’t help but feel like I’m a little over tuned-in. Best of luck to all!

Me 32
DH 36
TTC 1 yr and married 1 yr
Don’t ovulate on my own
Clomid 50 mg, 100 mg and 150mg. :bfn:

Sept 150 mg Clomid and Menopur IUI abandoned due to lack of follie progression

Oct 150 mg Clomid & 4 injections of Bravelle
CD12 three follies 13,12,11
Stubborn ovaries 3 more injections of Bravelle
CD15 one follie 18.5mm and HCG shot
CD16 IUI :cross:


I am on 11 dpiui. starting on day 9 I have been having really intense cramps and sharp pains…I finally called my RE this morning after a sleepless night. He had me go in for u/s, bloodwork, and exam. According to him it’s either an infection (from iui - not very common), a UTI, or I’m pregnant…now I’m more nervous because I am so hopeful!


I got my IUI 26 hours after the ovidrel trigger. I am now 1.5 dpiui. I had twinges on and off around my left ovary for more than a day. I had some twinges on my right ovary too. My dominant follicle is on the right side.

But I haven’t had any clear symptoms of ovulation - no rise in BBT or breast tenderness (which I experience in my natural cycles), or high cervix (which I experience in my natural cycles). But my RE still thinks I must have ovulated. I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for my P4 test.

I am having a good bit of lower back pain since the IUI. I also feel a little light-headed and do not feel safe to drive. I thing it may be the trigger shot.


I was taking clomid for the first few cycles and never had any symptoms… but when I added injections to the clomid I got sore bbs, cramps, lower back pain, dizziness, headaches… but I also got BFNs for 3 cycles. I read into every symptom I had. I finally had to just stop. I no longer pulled up the website that shows sypmptoms by the week of pregnancy… it was hard, but I think that made it worse. This cycle when I got a BFP was about the same as the others - that is why I was soooo sure that it was going to be another BFN. So, I know it’s easier said than done, but if you can, it may be easier to try not to figure out every symptom - it was for me at least.
Especially if you are taking meds - they often have side effects that mimic pregnancy symptoms. Good luck with your 2WW!! :babydust: :bsv:


All I can say is as soon as I had my IUTPI which is same as a IUI but just a little different. I had cramping from the min the little swimmers was put up there plus I got very sick in my stomach which never happened before an as time went by on the 2ww I had lots more symptoms… From cramping, sick in stomach, different types of aches or pains then later had weird pulling pains in uterus with heavyness down there plus other things. Sorry can’t post all as I had tons of stuff going on when was on my 2ww.

Good Luck an be :pray: for you to get a :bfp: this time around…


Thanks for all you replies. I am actually pretty relaxed and don’t have any syptoms to tell of. I mainly posted this question for fun. I really enjoy hearing other peoples stories and it helps to pass the time=)


luvmybean: I know exactly what you mean. I felt that way the first couple of days. Now I am just afraid that I am overanalyzing everything. LOL! How can you not?

I am now 6dpiui and off and on today I have been feeling some little twinges. Really hoping it could possibly be implantation, but probably all in my head. I am so afraid to get my hopes up too much.
I have been pretty tired as well, but I think that is the prometrium. I think it is also causing some problems with my complexion. I usually only get 1 or 2 blemishes, if that, when :af: is visiting. I have a few right now. Not bad big ones though, just little ones.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone!!!:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


hot and cold

Forgot to mention the hot and cold spells. I will be freezing and then a few minutes later I feel so hot. I am definitely blaming that on the prometrium. Has anyone else experienced this on prometrium?


I had mild cramping the day of my IUI, then that night and the next day I had painful ovaries. The pain lessened over the next few days, and now I’m pretty much back to normal. The Prometrium/Estrace definitely makes me tired and spacey though.


I have also had “ovary cramping”, but it seems to be concentrated over the right ovary. The prometrium just makes me tired.

me- 39, possible DOR
dh- 45, morphology isssues

IUI #1 (11/1 & 11/2)
gonal-f, ovidrel
now on Prometrium