Wow this is great I didn't think other men where on here!


I came on here looking for help to support my wife and this is great! But right now I really need help in giving my wife the Christams Miracle she deserves. She has always talked about how wonderful and supportive the women have been to her so I thought this would be the place to come to for help. This is my first time being on a forum and I have looked around a little and do not understand most of the abbreviations so please bear with me. This is also something I am not used to talking about and it is a little uncomfortable, but for her I will do anything!We have been trying to have a baby for 5 years now. since we met at the age of 16 it’s all she has ever wanted. We went to a fertility doctor 2 years ago and I found out I have a lot of problems with my sperm. Its something that I still have a hard time accepting. The doctors told us our best chance was with in vitro, but neither one of our insurances will pay for it. But they did cover inseminations so we gave that about 6 trys and none of them worked. This year we used a lot of our saving to do the in virtro but my wife miscarried. We had 3 embryo frozen so we transfered those and she miscarried again. As much as it hurt to lose the pregnancies seeing her heartbreak was so much worse. After some testing we found out we have some antibody issues, I don’t know the exact name but our doctor said they can defintely help us. The problem is we cannot afford to do another in vitro right now. For the past several months she has been so depresed because she feels like there is no hope. And she only has 1 ovary that she could lose at anytime due to cysts so taking a few years to save more money is not really an option. Then we found out our fertility clinic was giving away a free cycle. We had to write about everything we have been through and share it with the public. Right away Victoria, my wife wanted to do it. I on the other hand was not so sure, I didn’t want all of our personal information out there for all to see. But knowing this was our only hope I agreed. We got picked as one of the finalists and now we need people to vote for us to win.
I am putting the link at the bottom but voting is only open until Monday. We really need your help! I do not have a lot of family and Victoria’s is not very supportive of us doing fertility treatments so we don’t have many people voting for us. It hurts me as a man to have to ask other people to help us with something like this. I feel like a failure for not making enough money to be able to pay for this on my own. So I am beeging you to help us. Victoria has a heart of gold and will make the most amazing mother. When ever she is around children her whole face lights up. She really deserves this so please just take a second to vote. It really only takes a minute and you don’t have to give any information.
Thank you so much and I hope all of you find success in becoming parents.
click on Victoria and Walter

Thank you and happy holidays…Walter


This is also my first time being on here. My wife and i are hoping this works she does egg retrieval this saturday im so excited


smth13 :welcome: and good luck this Saturday!! Keep us posted.


Men need support too

Hey guys, since I’ve been on this journey for seven years, I’ve known one things, there’s no one to turn to. At least, talking to other guys about infertility. We’re men, we could care less.

God bless,

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