Xytex advice please


Hi girls, I’m from UK but wanted to ask everyone advice on Xytex as a whole how have they found counts, success etc with them? On a second note has anyone have experience with using donor BFM2980?

To give you a bit of a run down on us ttc since Noc 2004 ttc for 3 years then were tested all test on me seem fine, Dh obstructive azoospermia, first IVF/ICSI 2008 :bfn:, second IVF/ICSI 2009 :bfp: ended in mc at 4+6, we were then adopting a family member unborn baby found out at 10 weeks gestation went to all scans etc was there at birth or precious little man handed straight to us, he was home with hubby & I 6 hours after birth lived as our son till 3weeks old only for him to be ripped away from us after 9pm at night with no warning & no chance to say good bye as birthmother changed her mind we were left devastated there will always be a part of us missing, we have no decided to go ivf with donor sperm chosen IVF over IUI as I want to do egg sharing (donate half my eggs from my IVF cycle) to help another couple achieve their dream.




Hi there- I’m in Canada but used Xytex- they are the distributor for one of the Canadian donor programs (Outreach Health Services).
We haven’t done the ‘procedure’ yet- but ordered our donor through them and are actually going any day this week for the first attempt. Hopefully all goes well!

I really liked dealing with Outreach, very personable and friendly staff- plus sooo quick on sending profiles. The donors from Xytex seemed just as good as the other option we had (one of the other Canadian-approved sperm banks, based in the USA). Sorry I can’t offer more advice, but I’m sure their sperm is a-okay :slight_smile: If the UK is similar to Canada, we have very strict guidelines and testing for sperm donors to be accepted.


Got PG on first IVF using Xytex, also skipped IUI b/c i had frozen eggs from a failed mTese…


HI, I used Xytex and had fabulous counts and quality of specimen. Great customer service, helpful, and all around couldn’t say enough good things about them. Loved their easy website and that you could also see additional info/photos for a small fee. Recommend using them, and don’t know anyone that had a bad experience out of those who used them.

You may want to look at the donorsibling. c*m site and look up clinics-xytex- and see if the donor you are looking at has any children listed. It is a neat site to look at just to see what other 1/2 siblings may be around. The site lists all sperm clinic info.


Hi, did you ever have any luck with BFM2980? I have an 8yr old to him.