Yeast infections during first trimester


so we managed to get pregnant the first round with ivf. our ivf doctor is only allowed to see us for a certain period because of their license restrictions so they gave us notes about medication, etc to take because they said most doctors don’t know anything about ivf unless they specialize in it. so towards the end of our ivf doctor visits, they told my wife to take a probiotic for her yeast infection. she took one pill and never did it again.

my wife asked our new doctor about meds for the yeast infection even though our doctor said to use a probiotic. she told my wife the probiotic was fine but asked my wife if she was sure she wanted miconazole nitrate for it? my wife said yes so we were given a prescription.

right now we’re still in the first trimester and from what i’m reading online, people need to weigh the benefits vs risks on using it but i’m only finding info that it should be used in the second and thirs trimester. has anyone else used this during the first or found/heard anything about it? i’m worried about the ivf with the risk of the meds when our ivf doctor told us specifically to do what was told because outside doctors dont know anything about ivf and my wife is always jumping to take a pill or ointment. she’s almost used a few things in the past without consulting our ivf doctor who i decided to contact and warned us that they were dangerous.

so long story short - stick to the probiotic or use the cream?


I don’t have the answer to your question, though I would think the probiotic is safer. I am confused though. I don’t know why having had IVF has any bearing on the situation and why an obgyn would need to be knowledgable about it to treat issues that come up during pregnancy (other than any specific meds like progesterone or low dose aspirin that an RE may have specifically prescribed in order to maintain the pregnancy.)