Yoga during stimming


Is or did anyone do yoga while stimming, especially the first few days of stimming? I know I will have to stop my bootcamp class but was wondering about yoga? Any thoughts? Thanks.


I was told not to do yoga during stimming coz your ovaries are expanding and it can cause ovarian torsion.


Nilah- I exercised until about day 6 of stims. I would go by how you feel and how bloated and full you feel. I would not do any twisting motions like yoga once you are on the tail end of stimming. However, downward dog and some of the breathing exercises I would think would be quite healthy for you.

I walked until Day 9 of stims (I ended up with mild OHSS) but then stopped as I was already so uncomfortably full.

I asked my RE about exercising and they said walking and hiking are fine. Anything else like jogging they made me stop at my first u/s check for follicle size (which was day 4 for me).

Good luck!


I am doing yoga and I am using this book, " Yoga and Fertility: A Journey to Health and Healing by Jill Mahrlig Petigara and Lynn Jensen, RYT, MBA." It is very informative and provides techniques for different stages of your cycle. It also tells you why each move is beneficial and when you shouldn’t do any particular moves. It also has both beginning and advanced moves.

Here is a link, Yoga and Fertility: Jill Mahrlig E-RYT, MA Petigara, Lynn E-RYT, RPYT, MBA Jensen: Kindle Store


Thanks ladies for the info and thanks zipper for the link.