Your experiences?


I wanted to get other people’s experiences with IVF.

My wife is 32, and were going through IVF. thy retrieved 13 eggs, 10 were mature, 8 fertilized. We went through blastocyst and were told that out of the 8, only 2 survived. The other 6 were going I be discarded. The 2 are going to be frozen and transferred back in next month. She asked if it was normal that only 2 survived and was told that her age is a big factor.

We’re both just very shocked at the numbers compared to the percentages that we’ve read online. We read its usually 60-70% are mature, 60-70% fertilize, 60-70% survive the blastocyst for freezing.

What have you guys experienced? Right now we’re worried, we know it takes just one but we’re worried about them surviving the thawing process? Does anyone have experience with that and the survival rate during the thawing process?


I was 36 when I had my IVF. Your wife was totally younger than me and I had a better result? At 32yrs old, I can not see how the doctor is trying to tell you AGE is the factor as to the end result of your ivf cycle. I had 13 eggs, 11 fertilized, 9 matured, so we transfered 3 on the third day after retreival. We had 2 six day blasts make it to freeze. So we in total had 5 embryos which resulted from our cycle. I got pregnant on my ivf cycle and are currently getting ready for our FET hopefully in September.

The average age for a women seeking ivf assistance now adays in 36yrs old. My RE said he treats mostly women who want to start their family at 36 yrs old. So he was so confident that he could get us pregnant on the first ivf cycle at which he did!

Does your wife have other medical issues such as Pcos endometriosis or blocked tubes? There maybe a medical reason as to why your RE told you it was due to age… I must say that it is still quite young to consider a women to be old for fertility unless there are underlining issues…

Did you ever ask the RE about what age he considers young verses old for fertility treatments?


She has endometriosis and her tubes fill up with liquid and have trouble draining which is why we had to do IVF and blastocyst. We’re not sure why only 2 eggs survived but I’m assuming its because of her past drug use.


I’m a LOT older than your wife.

My first IVF (age 42), I had 6 eggs retrieved, 2 were mature. We ended up with 4 fertilized, but one fertilized abnormally. We transferred 2 on day 3 and the other 1 didn’t qualify for freezing on day 5. I was initially pregnant with twins, but ended up with one perfectly perfect little girl who just turned 2.

My second IVF (age 44), I had 7 eggs retrieved, 4 mature. We ended up with 4 fertilized and transferred all 4 on day 3. BFN.

My third IVF (nearly 45), I had 16 eggs retrieved, 12 mature. We ended up with 7 fertilized, transferred 4 on day 5, the other 3 didn’t quality for freezing. I was initially pregnant, but sadly she passed away at 10 weeks.

My RE had always said to expect 50% mature, 50% fertilization, 50% survival to day 3. Which is dismal. He didn’t tell me survival rates to day 5, because he said he’d never had a woman my age go to day 5 - I ended up being the first.

I don’t believe your wife can be considered old, no matter the definition. But there are many more factors in addition than age in play - protocol and dosage also play a role. But a factor that plays a MAJOR role is that of the embryologist.

Best of luck to you with your FET!