Your ideas please


Hey there.

My name is Agnete, I’m from Norway and now starting my ever first surrogacy journey in Ukraine.

I’ve never thought my dh agree on surrogacy but it seems that our desire to have baby number two overcame our fear of strange and unknown treatment as surrogacy.

We took decision very quickly not leaving ourselves too much time for hesitation. I’ve already shrared some if my ideas, thoughts and thrill here on but still have so much to tell and to share.

Ok, so this is actually what I was going to ask you, friends. I’ve an idea to start a blog sharing all our experience about our surrogacy journey. I used to be a total newbie just a couple of months ago but now I know quite a lot on this very specific field. I collected so much info, reviews and inquiries in a very short period of time. now i feel my experience can be precious for newbies like me (I mean me in just two months ago).

So, does it make sense? Or I shouldn’t waste my time?

what do you think?


Agnete, I’m more than sure that your experience is priceless for many intended parents all over the world. I support your idea. I just wonder when you get some free time from your toddler for writing blogs? I’m inspired by you.

With my twins, I don’t have any free time at all! But for a couple of hours at daytime when they are sleeping. Sometimes I use this time for my online activity but most often I do other household chores at this time. So I’m really inspired by mothers who have enough time for everything.

PS don’t forget to share the link to your blog. I’ll definitely be your subscriber.

Hope to hear from you soon


yeap, it took some time and finally i get it. hopefully, my son sleeps well and lives mommy a couple of hours per day to drink a cup of tea and fix her thoughts on paper (in my case -virtual paper but it doesnt matter anyway)
sharing my thoughts and ideas is a great idea for me 2, it feels like a real author, and finally i know that my experience might be useful for those who are reading my blog.
check this out at
be free to ask if any questions (I knew I had them a lot when we just started)