Youve got to be kidding me!


Ok one of my best friends just told me shes pregnant! I love her and I am happy for her, but its just really bad timing with me getting these BFN’s! Now to go home and cry for a while…


I know sometimes it is hard to be happy for someone else when that is the thing you want the most and it isn’t happening like you thought it would. Hang in there.


I am so sorry! I totally understand and know the feeling. Several friends and family members have gotten pregnant and had babies in the past 2.5 years of us TTC#2. One has even had two more babies. I hope your turn is coming soon!!!


I feel your pain

I’ve been TTC for months now and my inconsiderate mother-in-law asks me to pay for and host my sister-in-law’s baby shower. My sister-in-law got pregnant the month they tried. It’s bittersweet. I’m totally happy for them but I really hated every minute of that baby shower. I drank a few glasses of wine and it really helped!

Sending positive thoughts your way!


I totally understand how you feel. It sucks. I also have a similar story. My sister-in-law and I both decided to start TTC-ing around the same time. She kept saying how great it would be to raise our kids together, which it would of course. The first month they tried they got pregnant and here we are over a year later, still waiting for our turn. UGH! I love my new baby nephew and I’m so very happy for everyone but it’s just not fair sometimes. I wish you the best of luck and hope you see that :bfp: very soon!


i know how u feel dear
a friend of mine got pregnant and she dont want the child
i felt so bad and i cried

and yesterday one of my neighbor told me she got a :bfp:

and all i though was what is to see the second line appear



I know how you feel as we’ve been ttc since 2002… so YEARS! But i can’t get upset with them. Its not their fault they can get pregnant faster than others. Infertility issues suck… but sometimes you’ve just gotta keep your head positive.



I has that happen this spring and the baby shower is Sunday don’t know how I’m gonna get through but I guess I have to. Sometime being a grown up sucks.


ms.campbell0815 - I feel the same! Being a grownup sucks indeed.

My good friend and a cousin just gave birth, AND I have a pregnant sister and another cousin giving birth in January next year. I love them, I love the babies but I feel angry and sad at the same time.

Hang in there!


Just like all the other ladies, I know how you feel! One of my close friends started trying to get pregnant a few months ago and after two months of BFNs she was getting discouraged so I tried to be supportive and there for her since I have been dealing with BFNs for years and we got closer because she was trying just like me. Her third month trying she got preggers. I wasn’t really too hurt or upset until she told me she “knew” I would be pregnant right along with her and that she had dreams about me getting pregnant…well none of that has happened. I knew it wouldn’t and her false positivity didn’t help at all. And, she stopped talking to me as much and says stupid things like “if I had known I would feel like sh*t I wouldn’t have tried for another one”. I truly am happy for her…but sometimes I just can’t be around her because I just can’t deal with it, and that’s ok. Most of the people around us will never understand the difficult situation those with IF go through. So really, I feel like they can’t judge me for how I feel because they have no grasp for it! So, feel what you feel and don’t worry about others, and try to grow from it :flower: Lots of :bsv: sent your way hun!


Keep your head up. It’s SOOOOO hard to hear someone around you is :preg: when you are trying SO hard! One day you will be the one who gets the :bfp:

Keep trying to smile :):flower:


Thanks everyone! I am feeling a lot better about this now. :thankyou:


Right there with ya!

My dh and I have been trying for 3+ years - about a couple of months before we were married in fact! LOL!

My cousin who is 10 years younger than me got married 12 days after us. (yes, lots of drama there)

May of 2009, i called my grandmother after my dh and I just came back from a cruise and she blurted out that my cousin was pregnant and it was the first great-grandchild in the family. She told me that they decided that 2 years was long enough and was pregnant the first month they tried. I hung up with her and cried. I am glad that she lives in another state so I dont have to deal with her. She told my mom that she had a baby so she did not have to work anymore! WA-WA-WHAT?! That is soooo not the reason to have a child.

It is so frustrating. Of course, everytime I see anyone in the extended family, they ask when we are starting and reminds us that we are not getting any younger. Yeah, thanks…like I did not know that. What insight! Grrrrr…

I was thankful that I did not have to be a part of anything with her. Her baby shower was on Thanksgiving weekend last year and we were out of town at my in-laws. Then she was too far along to come down for christmas last year. But this year, we are going to have to deal with them at christmas. UGH! The last thing I need is to see them and know how many times I have seen a BFN!


Ugh I can totally relate! Sometimes I find myself avoiding friends because I am afraid they will tell me they are pregnant… and I am never sure what my reaction will be that day!


[quote=mcastine]It is so frustrating. Of course, everytime I see anyone in the extended family, they ask when we are starting and reminds us that we are not getting any younger. Yeah, thanks…like I did not know that. What insight! Grrrrr…

This is the worst… also, people asking me what I am waiting for, that if I am waiting to “have enough money to have a baby” that I should just do it because it will all work out. All work out? seriously? They have no clue.

A good friend of mine who has 6 kids with no real way to support them, I just can’t handle it.

No one said life was fair, but they didn’t say it was going to hurt this much.