zofran question


hey girls,

Has anyone else ever used Zofran for nausea… I have all day nausea everyday I haven’t thrown up but i feel like i will I feel miserable… I tried the unisom and b6 and it didn’t work so my doc prescribed zofran I took one at 4 and had no relief so i just took another one at 8 (since i have low dose ones it says i can take it up to 3 times a day) and i’m hoping that it kicks in … just wondering what others experiences have been with this.


I always took it about an hour before I tried to eat something. I learned that if you are already throwing up it’s too late to take the zofran. It is really only effective against nausea not vomiting. Phenergan does good with the vomiting. Some doctors will prescribe both and tell you when to use one or the other depending on if you are nauseated or vomiting. Do you have the extended release that go under your tongue? They are expensive but work the best.


I used Zofran from about week 6 - week 16 of my pregnancy. I took it before I got out of bed each morning. If I took it that way, it would stop me from vomiting (I was vomiting a lot in the mornings) but I still would have some nausea throughout the day. If I didn’t take it, I would vomit several times throughout the first half of the day and would have extreme nausea all day and night.


thanks girls… i’m going to try and take it first thing tomorrow when i wake up and hope that hold it off for at least the work day. No i don’t have the extended release tabs… maybe I’ll ask about those when I go for my next apt.


Zofran didn’t work for me at all. I had compazine suppositories instead. Gross as it sounds it is nice not putting something on your stomach when you feel sick. I’m 17 weeks and still get sick regularly.


I took zofran from week 5 or 6 to 10 weeks (only had horrible all day/night nausea, but no vomiting). It helped the nausea but didn’t make it go away completely. I would take 2 tablets sometimes…doc said it was okay to use whatever worked. Hope it helps you!


I took the zofran today in the morning with breakfast and it i felt a little icky for a bit but then it went away and it’s now 7:00 at night and I still feel pretty good… so glad I took your girls advice taking it BEFORE you actually get sick really helped out… thanks again you girls rock!!!


Zofran made my ms worse. After full day and 3 bags of saline hosp gave me reglan. Didnt vomit again. Works in 2 minutes. Actually makes you more regular and no side effects for me personally except a slight metallic taste in mouth. Totally safe and I was so mad that I suffered so for 11 wks before I got it!! Good luck.